Politics and Immigration Policy

Too often the immigration policy of the U.S. government is mixed up and bent out of shape by politics. Knowing what the actual immigration policy is would go a long way toward making it clear.

It would be safe to say that there are not many people who know what the immigration policy is for the U.S., and that would include immigration lawyers. It’s one of those things that are like a kaleidoscope; it changes with every twist and turn. For this reason alone people trying to immigrate to the U.S. should make it a point to consult with a competent immigration lawyer such as Sally Odell of Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A., in Miami and Orlando, Florida, for up to the minute information.

It’s been said in the media that the immigration policies of a particular country reflect their attitudes toward immigration. Nothing could be truer when it comes to the U.S. immigration policies, which are at best confused ambivalence. On one hand we say we welcome immigrants, on the other we try to keep them out of the country with border fences. If this doesn’t send mixed messages then someone needs serious counseling.

Most immigration policies seem to be the result of political reaction to various situations. For instance, the reaction to the terrorism of 9/11 saw the borders slammed shut almost overnight. On the other hand, there are also social and economic conditions that drive immigration rules and regulations. The difficulty with any of these factors is no one is quite sure what rules apply in which situations any longer.

The face of immigration is about to change in the U.S. with the border fence erected along the United States/Mexico border. There will be more rules, more regulations and more hoops to jump through to successfully become a legal immigrant in the U.S. While the process itself may get more complicated and less human, legislators need to remember that they are still dealing with human beings who have certain rights. Treating them in an impersonal hands-off manner will do nothing to further the cause of basic human rights, nationalism or trust.

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