Improved School Bus Safety

If there were ever a debate about what the largest mass transportation system was in the United States, a lot of people would lose their first bet, as the largest system is actually thousands of school buses.

They are mellow yellow and are seen in virtually every neighborhood in America, taking on the responsibility of transporting over 20 million kids to school and home and taking them to sporting events and on road trips. “For the most part school buses are a safe way to travel,” said Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, “however, the statistics do show that school bus accidents account for roughly one third of all fatalities.”

They can’t help their size and because school buses are that big, they naturally have a higher likelihood of being in fatal collisions. “Recognizing that it was time to do something about the safety issues that have always surrounded school buses, manufacturers, in partnership with national lawmakers, are striving to include three new features for school buses,” outlined Francis.

The newer features include something called an Obstacle Detection System, an Integrated Collision Warning System and a Transit Integrated Vehicle Based Safety System. The driver reaction to these additions has, so far, been fairly positive, as these features are being seen as enhancing the bus driver’s ability to protect his or her charges.

The Obstacle Detection System extends the driver’s sight with ultrasonic sensors on all four corners of the bus. A visual and audible alarm sounds when something is in the buses path within 4 to 8 feet. This is a nice addition to a bus’s safety arsenal and helps get rid of some of the driver’s blind spots.

The Integrated Collision Warning System has a forward and side collision warning system by using radar and other sensors to track objects around the bus, and the Transit Integrated Vehicle Based Safety System is still being tested, but it appears to reduce hard braking.

School bus safety is a vital issue to everyone, as those buses take the future of our nation to school and beyond. If a loved one has been involved in a school bus collision, do not wait to contact a school bus accident lawyer to obtain justice. Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, has an excellent track record for ensuring justice is done for his clients.

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