For Fewer Car Crashes Watch the Manners

While one might wonder what good manners have to do with driving a car, it makes sense if road rage and aggression are factored into the equation. Having manners now makes sense for avoiding car crashes.

With the highest ever statistics on traffic accidents making the news on what seems like a daily basis, it is incumbent on drivers to start taking some responsibility for their behavior behind the wheel. It’s actually in everyone’s interest to drive safely, save lives and cut the enormous costs of insurance. Let’s face it, car crashes aren’t just about people and injuries, they are also about the cost of repairs and the skyrocketing prices for insurance premiums.

It’s a fairly straightforward proposition to smarten up and drive right, and if everyone did his or her small part, the overall effect would definitely be beneficial. To begin with, the driver needs to be road smart, the vehicle being driven needs to be in great shape, and there is no doubt in the driver’s mind that it IS in prime condition.

This means making sure all the regular maintenance requirements are met, the tires are not bald, the “check oil” light only comes on when the vehicle is started (normal) and all the lights work. Pretty basic stuff, but a lot of people don’t bother doing even the simplest of maintenance. This means they can never be sure about the safety of their vehicle for themselves, never mind the safety of others.

Don’t drink and drive. While this might be considered to be a total no-brainer, more often than not people think nothing will ever happen to “them” after they’ve been drinking. This is a bad assumption and many times has ended in tragedy for more than just the irresponsible drunk driver.

Don’t tailgate: a warning that really should not have to be issued, as following too closely is a guaranteed recipe for disaster; however, it does happen, and on a regular basis. Keep a safe distance between vehicles on all roadways – e.g. one vehicle length for every 10 kms per hour. So, if the rate of speed on the highway is 110 kms, there should be 11 vehicle lengths between cars, etc. traveling in the same direction.

And for the basic warnings, think smart and don’t try to pick up things off the floor mat, reach for something in the backseat, adjust the radio, talk on the cell phone, or change radio stations. Any distraction like this is a recipe for an accident in the making.

If being in a crash resulted in personal injuries due to the negligence of another driver, then be certain to contact a qualified personal injury attorney who knows their area of the law and will make certain justice is served.

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