Every 15 Seconds a Burglary

As startling as this may seem, it is estimated that there is at least one burglary every 15 seconds in the U.S. This makes sense when put into perspective of our rocky national economy.

If there is a burglary roughly every 15 seconds in the U.S, think about how many break-ins that represents. That’s a lot of stolen property being hawked someplace, never to be seen again. Sadly, it’s not just burglaries that are on the rise, so are home invasion robberies, which take place when the residents are at home. The old maxim about the home being a man’s safe haven sure is taking a beating these days, when nothing seems to be safe or secure any longer.

Many of the burglaries take place in homes that are not protected by any type of security system, largely because the homeowners don’t feel that anything will happen to “them.” Nothing could be further from the truth, as crime stats show that homes without a security system are two to three times more likely to be targeted for burglary. The funny thing is that there are actually people who do buy a home security system, but leave it turned off.

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“Know what you are charged with before calling me, as it saves me having to make extra calls before being able to speak with you,” explained Wannamaker. “Also, if I know what you are being charged with, I have an idea of the requisite elements that need to be present for the police to charge you in that manner. If all the I’s aren’t dotted and the T’s crossed, then I might be able to get the charges dropped,” he added.

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