Deadly Construction Work

Most construction sites work to minimize accidents, but accidents do happen despite the precautions put in place to prevent them. An accident could happen as the result of machinery failure or faulty safety equipment.

Construction work has the potential to cause deadly consequences, simply because of the nature of the work involved. No one knows that better than Dayton, Ohio, attorney Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law. “The reasons for these accidents may range from lack of proper training to falling debris, or from job site violations to electrical fires,” he outlined.

Denslow has handled many construction work cases during his years of practice and knows these personal injury lawsuits are not always easy to litigate. The information provided to the attorney of record in a construction case will make all the difference in the world to being able to successfully ask the court for damages. “I tend to deal with a lot of Occupational Safety and Health (OHSA) code rules and regulations, as the U.S. Department of Labor is responsible for construction workers,” explained Denslow.

OSHA guarantees a certain level of safety on high-risk job sites and for those who may also be exposed to hazardous materials such as asbestos, etc. While this may make the workers feel better about their workplace, it does not necessarily guarantee that they won’t fall victim to a construction site accident.

It’s almost certain that something will happen on a construction worksite just by the very nature of the job. “Hazards are inevitable, and despite the best laid plans of men, Murphy’s Law sometimes has a way of ruling at the worst possible times,” added Denslow.

When a construction worker is a victim of a negligent employer or a carelessly maintained worksite (in violation of the state and federal laws) that is the time to contact Dayton attorney Jeremiah Denslow. “When I am contacted about this type of case, it is my job to determine the nature of the accident and all the facts relevant to the situation,” stated Denslow.

No matter what the circumstances of the personal injury case, it is the acknowledged responsibility of the construction company to educate their employees about proper safety precautions. “They are also mandated to make sure the workplace meets all the safety regulations,” added Denslow. When these conditions are not met, the question of liability for an accident arises.

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