Dayton Ohio One for the Road

Heard that old saying, “Here, have one for the road?” These days it’s a dumb thing to say and do, but many people still go ahead and do it.

The honest to goodness truth is that people just don’t think when it comes to drinking and driving, preferring to believe that accidents would never happen to them. It’s something about the rose colored glasses after a few shots that make people lose their initial sense of good judgment. It’s something about people thinking that because they have been drinking they have suddenly become invincible, when in fact they have become deadly drunk drivers.

Those very same drunk drivers still hit the roads every night in every American city despite the increased drunk driver education in each state. A doctor who has himself or herself for a patient is a fool. A drunk driver who drives after drinking is an even bigger, and possibly dead fool.

Drinking and driving is not something that goes away in the morning like last night’s hangover, not if you were involved in an accident. Further, a DUI in Ohio – if you have been arrested and carted off to the drunk tank – will stick like glue for the rest of your life. This isn’t a ‘kiss and not tell’ event as it has the potential to harm others. The consequences are far reaching and the expenses may be quite disconcerting.

While you may think you only have the headache left to contend with from your “episode,” your real headache is just waiting to pounce. Sure you may have been arrested and charged with DUI, but did you know you could be charged with other offenses? It’s true, and if you have any of your wits about you when arrested, call a Dayton DUI lawyer immediately, keep your peace, and only speak with that attorney when s/he arrives.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget there is a chance your vehicle will be impounded, your license suspended, you’ll do jail time, and may have extra charges filed against you like disorderly conduct. This will mean a criminal record that will now be with you for the rest of your life.

All this for that “one for the road.” Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t, so be smart and don’t drink and drive or if you do drink, find a designated driver to take you home. If you can’t follow that advice, call a Dayton DUI attorney for help.

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