Car Accidents Are Expensive

Car accidents are seldom what they seem to be on the surface and signing off on any injury claim prior to speaking with a competent lawyer is a very bad idea.

“Having had a significant amount of experience in this area,” said Lance Sharp of The Sharp Firm in Austin, Texas, “I know there are generally many injuries that are more severe than they appear to be on first glance.” Lance and Laura Sharp have over 40 years of combined experience as Austin personal injury lawyers.

Car crashes typically involve not just property damages, but personal bodily injury and while it is expensive to get the vehicle fixed, that pales in comparison to an undiagnosed injury that could make itself known later, after accepting a damage settlement from an insurance company. “Typically we recommend that our clients do not take the first damage settlement that an insurance company offers,” indicated Sharp. The major reason being that often it is not enough to cover the real costs of the accident.

Car accidents mean vehicle repairs, so there is the nuisance of losing decent transportation. More than that, however, are injuries that on the surface may seem minimal, but may actually require some serious medical intervention. For example, what may appear to be a strained neck may turn out to be a herniated disc that could require surgery.

“This is one of the many reasons we tell our clients to discuss any proposed settlements with us,” stated Sharp, “as we are well acquainted with the fact that car accidents may cost way more than just the face value of the damages – to the vehicle and the person.” Other incidental and not anticipated costs may run the gamut from lost wages to long-term physical therapy.

Even if the car accident appears to be minor, never assume that what you see is all there is to see. Assume that there is more to the situation, and make a call an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer such as Laura or Lance Sharp of The Sharp Law Firm in Texas. The Sharp’s years of experience will be able to bring justice to the forefront, deal with any pain and suffering, and ensure an adequate damage award based on the circumstances of the case.

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