Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Wrongful Deaths

Riding a motorbike is usually the pride and joy of the owner who does his or her best to keep the bike looking spiffy. To enhance bikes, many owners use aftermarket parts, a decision that may cost them their lives.

While aftermarket parts for bikes and cars are certainly less expensive, there is something to be said for the axiom, “You get what you pay for.” Of course not all aftermarket parts are defective, but there have been more than enough motorbike accidents as a direct result of defective aftermarket parts, that this is a concern for bikers.

It is also a concern for motorcycle crash attorneys who deal with the hundreds of hours of minutia it takes to put together a successful wrongful death case. Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio, Atlanta, Georgia, handles motorcycle crash injuries and deaths, and has seen a fair number of problems with defective aftermarket motorbike parts.

“The usual problem with aftermarket parts,” outlined Webb, “is that they may cause vibrations, instability in the suspension, or other problems that cause the rider to lose control of the bike.” The results of a motorbike crash are never pretty and the rider often suffers severe injuries or death. When an accident is caused by a defective aftermarket part this becomes a wrongful death litigation, requiring the expertise of a highly seasoned lawyer such as Robert Webb.

“We know how to litigate aggressively on behalf of a rider who installed aftermarket parts trusting that they were safe,” stated Webb. The major reason parts like this fail is mostly attributed to either poor initial design, the way the part was manufactured, or the materials used to make that part. “The bottom line is that if the manufacturing process is negligent and a part is defective, and that part is installed on a bike hitting speeds of over 55 mph or higher, the results may be a devastating crash,” indicated Webb.

Manufacturers of defective aftermarket parts need to be held accountable for the lives of people who died using their products, thinking they were safe to install on their motorbike. A highly qualified wrongful death attorney, such as Robert Webb, will be able to find justice for the biker’s family.

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