What Criminal Law Really Means

Many people have this myth in their heads about what criminal law really means. It’s the good guys versus the bad guys and the crimes scene technicians solving a murder in an hour. Reality has to interfere here, as this just does not happen in real life.

In real life a criminal commits a crime and the crime that person commits is a crime against the existing social order that the rest of us live by. It’s that simple, and yet that complex a concept. Mostly though, criminal law is about punishment and deterrence as distinguished from civil law, which is more about an individual being compensated. Having said that criminal law is about punishment and deterrence brings up the other half of the coin – the defense of the criminal charged with a crime.

It’s a well-known fact that the whole system of criminal law is built upon a concept of justice that most of us are familiar with – “innocent until proven guilty.” It should go without saying that just because someone may be charged with a crime does not automatically mean they are guilty of that crime. They are entitled to the best defense possible in their favor. This is the lead role of a criminal defense attorney such as Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law Firm in Dayton, Ohio.

“Criminal law involves two separate elements,” explained Denslow, “the actual physical act of committing the crime and the guilty mind that goes with it.” For instance, killing someone is the actual act or commission of the crime. The planning behind that murder is the intention to kill.

No matter what the case, or the details of the case, there are always defenses that are available to those charged. This is what a highly qualified criminal defense lawyer does; assess the case based on the evidence and charges and then mounts a defense. “I advise my clients not to speak to anyone but me when they have been charged with a criminal offense or think that they may be charged with a criminal offense,” stated Denslow.

Once Denslow has the details, he gets to work to find out if there is a possibility of perhaps mitigating the charges, getting them dismissed, having the penalties reduced or even getting the case thrown out of court.

When faced with the possibility of being charged with a criminal offense, don’t waste any time getting to a phone to call a highly qualified criminal defense attorney. It will be a good investment for the future.

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