The Threat of Deportation Is Real

It’s not a lot of fun having the threat of deportation hanging over your head. If this is what you are facing, make it a point to contact a highly qualified immigration lawyer to help you fight deportation.

While you may not realize this, the immigration lawyer you hire will make all the difference in the world between you being able to remain in the country, or you being deported. This is why you need an attorney who understands all the ramifications of what deportation means to you and to your family.

Fighting deportation also means an impact on your budget, as it is expensive to mount a case; however, you will need the kind of expertise only a highly qualified immigration lawyer is able to provide. Look for an attorney who is willing to work with what you have, and yes, there are many who will gladly assist you in circumstances like this because they do understand what you are going through.

There are usually four steps followed during a deportation hearing, with the first one being a Notice to Appear. The Notice of Hearing, the Master Calendar Hearing, and then an individual hearing will typically follow the Notice to Appear. It is quite the process and usually begins with a recommendation from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Once ICE has become involved, their Chief Counsel sends out the Notice to Appear. This notice tells the recipient that ICE intends to have them removed from the U.S. Information on the hearing is normally in this first notice. Don’t wait until just before the hearing to contact an expert in immigrations law. Do this the moment you get that letter and take the letter to the lawyer you have chosen.

The next notice, the Notice of Hearing, simply repeats all the pertinent information about when and where the hearing is located. The Master Calendar Hearing is the one where you will be assigned a time to find out why ICE wants you out of the country. Now if this isn’t a travesty of justice, we don’t know what is. Making a person wait until later to find out why they have been recommended for deportation shows a certain lack of sensitivity, not to mention possible human rights issues involved.

If you have come this far in the deportation process without an attorney, then make sure you hire one now, before your individual hearing takes place. This should not be faced alone as you will not have the legal knowledge to dispute any possible accusations or charges ICE may level against you. This is where your immigration attorney will earn their keep, by speaking up for you and getting to the bottom of the reasons cited for your recommended deportation.

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