The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

Knowing what role a criminal defense attorney plays is critical when choosing a proper lawyer to assist with possible criminal charges.

A good criminal lawyer is one that, in most instances, handles a variety of different kinds of criminal cases. Some, of course, prefer to specialize. This is something a person needs to realize prior to contacting an attorney for help. For instance, if an individual is charged with the crime of murder, there is no sense in calling a criminal defense attorney that deals with white collar crime and racketeering.

The main reason people contact a criminal defense attorney is because they need someone who is eloquent, knowledgeable and intimately familiar with the criminal courts – a voice that will speak for them on their behalf, such as Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Choosing one who has extensive experience in defending the type of crime a person is charged with is half the battle. The other half is making sure all the details of the crime and its commission, are relayed to the lawyer, no holds barred. Webb is intimately familiar with the rhythms of criminal court.

Criminal lawyers are not there to judge their clients, they are there to provide a defense because it is the law of the land – everyone is considered to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The criminal defense specialist knows how to mitigate charges, perhaps get them dismissed (depending on the nature of the crime and the charge) and/or take a case to court to argue the points involved in the case. “A court appearance may ultimately result in acquittal, sentence reduction or even dismissal,” said Webb.

Understanding what the criminal defense lawyer does on behalf of a client goes a long way towards diminishing the fear factor of those involved in a criminal case. The attorney investigates the facts of the case; applies for search warrants where needed; is involved in interrogating witnesses and drafting arrest complaints; handles/defends those who have been indicted; handles bail proceedings where necessary; plea bargains; and takes cases to trial. If an appeal is a distinct possibility, the criminal defense lawyer will also handle that as well.

Never under estimate what a highly skilled criminal defense lawyer is able to do to ensure the scales of justice are balanced in the defendant’s favor. Contacting a skilled criminal defense lawyer such as Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio in Atlanta, Georgia, will ensure a just outcome to a criminal case.

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