Neglect at a Daycare Facility

Accidents do happen at daycare facilities, but the distinction between a true accident and one caused by neglect is often difficult to distinguish. This is where speaking to a top-notch daycare injury attorney will make all the difference in the world.

In this day and age, it is common for both parents to be working to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. That’s a sign of the economic times in the 21st century, the recession that has hit Americans right where they live. In order for both parents to work, many of them make use of daycare services for their children.

On the whole, most daycare service providers do a fine job and nothing untoward happens to the children in their care. It’s a high demand job with those who work in the industry making a supreme effort to do their best to take care of the children. Generally speaking, a day at the daycare is a day the children like and enjoy, and a day that the parents aren’t concerned about the welfare of their children.

Parents stopping after work to pick up their children expect they will be fine, without any visible injuries (aside from a bump or bruise or two from playing on the monkey bars or slides). They don’t expect to get a call in the middle of the day telling them something happened to their child, something bad.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, however accidents that are the result of neglect on the part of the daycare facility (or the daycare workers) are something entirely different and need the expertise of a qualified daycare injury attorney. If there is any lack of proper supervision or inattention by the daycare workers to their duties, disaster has a way of happening that may affect your child. For instance, a child falling into a pool while not properly supervised may drown. A little one playing with toys with removable parts may inhale or swallow a piece of the toy.

If you have recently had an incident take place at your child’s daycare that caused serious harm or injury to your child, make certain you immediately contact a competent daycare injury lawyer. The first consultation is free, and a lawyer with many years expertise in this area will assess your case. Taking the steps to deal with what may have been daycare neglect will hopefully stop it from ever happening again. Your daycare injury lawyer will ensure that you get a just settlement for your case from the courts.

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