Large Truck Collisions Cause Devastation

There’s an old saying that one’s life may change in the blink of an eye. Do not look now, but that happens to be true, more particularly so when dealing with large truck collisions. They alter one’s life in ways no one wants to think about.

It only takes one mere blink, a quick moment of inattention, and the event is over; the dust takes longer to settle. A collision with a large truck is something no one will ever forget, as the consequences for survivors are monumental. Thousands of big rig accidents take place every year, and every year more lives are impacted by debilitating injuries or death.

Hitting a big rig, or being hit by one, is the virtual equivalent of running into a brick wall. The destruction is quite graphic and usually one of the drivers in this mismatched meeting of two vehicles will be severely injured or die from their injuries. Definitely the smaller vehicle (usually a car, light truck or SUV) will take the brunt of the damages and be totaled. Ask Tony Francis of the Francis Law Group in Orlando, Florida, about the consequence of big rig accidents, as he has extensive expertise in this area.

The rising number of large rig accidents did prompt the federal government to create the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, whose role is to provide uniform rule and regulations for truckers to follow. While having the rules in place is one thing, having people follow them is something entirely different. “One thing the Administration does that helps to reduce the number of big rig accidents is make regular testing mandatory to show that the truck drivers are in compliance with the regulations,” explained Francis.

“The regulations now in place cover a wide variety of areas, but the one that is most relevant to the accident situation nationwide is the section that deals with driver disqualifications and penalties,” added Francis. For instance, some of the behaviors that may disqualify a truck driver from driving a big rig are consistently speeding 15 mph or more over the posted limit; reckless driving; improper or erratic lane changes; and tailgating.

There are more noted violations and one even includes illegally driving a big rig without the proper license to do so. It’s a scary thought that there are rig drivers on the roads that do not have the right type of license to be manhandling a huge vehicle weighing over 10,000 pounds.

If a big rig accident has caused the loss of a loved one or caused severe personal injuries, contact a highly qualified, large truck crash, personal injury lawyer such as Tony Francis of the Francis Law Group in Orlando, Florida. Francis knows precisely what needs to be done to get his clients a just settlement in cases like this.

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