Immigration, the Next Biggest Political Frisbee

Many regard immigration to be a political Frisbee whether it’s an election year or not. Even with a new administration in the White House, many figure this will make no difference in how changes or improvements will be handled.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is, while the immigration system has undergone so many extensive changes in the past, many politicians are regarding it as something best left alone for now. On the other hand, there are others who would rather complete a massive change and be done with it.

“While changes to the immigration system are definitely needed, the problem is changing what currently exists brings a cascade of other new problems along with it,” said Sally Odell, immigration lawyer, of Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A. in Miami and Orlando, Florida. If immigration was kept out of the political arena, it might fare better than it has to this point; however, that may be a moot point.

Most of the present problems with the immigration system that seem to be causing the angst, deal with illegal immigration. This actually became even more of an issue after 9/11 and has resulted in many significant changes to U.S. immigration law. The difficulty appears to be that those changes were made as a reaction to a situation, not as a considered change that would blend with the existing rules and regulations.

Immigration law is so complex that the only way to make heads or tails of the process is to hire a competent and expert immigration lawyer, such as Sally Odell of Rifkin Fox-Isicoff, P.A. “We make the process of applying for immigration a whole lot easier to understand so the people relying on us are aware of their options and are able to make informed decisions about their futures with the information we give them,” added Odell.

When faced with the challenge of applying for immigration status in the U.S., make the first phone call to a lawyer for assistance. This is one phone call that will be well-worth the time and money.

Usually the first consultation is free and the attorney will assess the merits of the situation and make recommendations based on the information provided. Despite the fact that the present immigration system is a bit of a hornet’s nest, a top-notch immigration lawyer will walk clients through it to a successful conclusion.

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