Georgia Trademark Lawyers

There are times when someone decides to go ahead and try to use a trademark that is already in existence and gets sued for trademark infringement. No one knows this better than Robert Webb of Webb & D’Orazio in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lawyers such as Robert Webb are very well-educated in the various fields of copyright and business issues and are able to advise a client facing a trademark infringement case how to proceed. One interesting thing about trademark lawyers is that although they do not have to pass specific exams to qualify to practice this type of law, they are respected members of the Georgia State Bar and are able to prosecute trademark infringements before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

A good trademark infringement attorney does more that just offer advice on adopting and choosing new trademarks. They file applications to register chosen trademarks, get clients up to speed on the use and registration of the trademarks, and handle any trademark oppositions, invalidations, assignments and revocations. If a trademark has been infringed upon, the attorney steps in with expertise to deal with this issue.

Webb takes time to tell his business clients what options they have at their disposal to protect their ideas and help them make better decisions around running their businesses. This usually leads to a discussion of intellectual property and how to protect it. While it might be an expensive proposition hiring a trademark infringement lawyer, that lawyer will be worth every penny spent in protecting a client’s rights.

When considering whether or not to go into business and creating a trademark, make the first call to a competent trademark infringement attorney such as Robert Webb at Webb & D’Orazio in Atlanta, Georgia. This one phone call and the advice given will save a client a great deal of grief in the long run. It might as well be done right the first time, rather than finding out later that something is amiss and illegal.

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