Deadly Car Crash Side Impacts

Head on collisions are messy and usually fatal. Turns out side impacts have a similar reputation.

Car crashes seem to be a way of life in some jurisdictions and a very common site on the way to or from work. In many of these accidents, it’s evident the collision has come from the side. In fact, side impacts have the nasty reputation of being the cause of over 9,000 deaths a year across the U.S. This runs a close second with head on crashes.

The heartbreaker is that most of the side impact collisions (and head on collisions) could be prevented if people were paying attention to what they were doing. This is where the great debate about cell phone use in vehicles comes into play, and it’s not just the use of cell phones, it’s using a fax, listening to music with headphones, adjusting a radio while driving or even trying to watch TV on a mini dashboard set. Really, what are car manufacturers thinking?

Car wreck victims that survive are well served by contacting a highly trained and knowledgeable car crash attorney such as Arkansas super lawyer Michael G. Smith of Little Rock. “Whether it’s a minor side impact or not, it’s vitally important to launch a lawsuit quickly, as the outcome of the case depends on medical records dealing with the injuries sustained in the accident,” outlined Smith. The longer people wait, the connection between the accident and any injuries becomes more tenuous.

Every state also has statutes of limitations about filing in a timely manner and if an accident survivor waits too long, they may not be able to claim compensation for their losses. It is vitally important to speak with experienced legal counsel in order to expedite the case and ensure a damage award.

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