When to Call a Lawyer for an Insurance Dispute

There does come a time when it is wise to call a professional to deal with what has become an insurance dispute. Actually, in many instances, it is even wiser to call the attorney BEFORE dealing with insurance companies.

Here is the advice we give time and time again to our clients: Do not speak to insurance representatives for the other party involved in an accident; do not give statements to anyone; do not explain anything until you have a chance to speak with a lawyer. This advice needs to be heeded for the simple reason that insurance companies are not your friends and they do not really want to help you. What they want is to settle with you for as little as they can get away with in the long run.

While this may sound cold and calculating, it is a fact of business. Insurance companies are in business to stay there, not put themselves out of business by offering more for an accident claim settlement. They also won’t think twice about using any statements you made, at the scene or later, against you if it means they can offer a lower settlement or none at all. This is why you need a qualified insurance lawyer who knows the system and will get you a just settlement.

Dealing with your own insurance company is one thing; dealing with the other person’s insurance company is something else entirely. This is where things like delays, stalling, low-balling and other not-so-nice tactics come into play, such as intimidation and harassment.

Many people who have just been in a car crash have no idea what their accident claim may be worth. They think if the other party is at fault, the other party’s insurance company will offer a fair sum and won’t make you hire a lawyer.

Most often that sum is more like a pauper’s pittance and you can do better by having a qualified insurance attorney in your corner.

It’s a simple fact that insurance companies want you to settle right away so they can get rid of the claim and not put out much money on it. They don’t want you to see a lawyer who knows what s/he is doing. That only means they are going to have to pay out more money. If they are able to persuade you to take their figure, you have not only lost the battle for a just claim, but may wind up with a great deal less than you are entitled to.

When you’ve been in an accident, even if you think it is minor, take the time to call an auto accident attorney for advice. The first consultation is usually free and you will find out quickly if you have a leg to stand on in making a good settlement or court case. Don’t assume you are entitled to only what they offer. You may be way off the mark because you are not familiar with how the justice system works. This is your lawyer’s job and that first call is often well-worth your time.

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