The Texas ID Theft Crackdown

ID theft is no laughing matter. Thankfully, many of the states in the U.S. have taken matters into their own hands and are acting forcefully to protect their citizens against this crime. Texas comes down hard on businesses that do not protect their consumers.

ID theft comes about in many ways such as hacked computer information, stolen ID from your wallet or purse, or companies who either sell personal information or illegally dispose of it.

“It’s one thing to take steps on your own to protect your identity from being swiped,” said Daniel Wannamaker, board certified criminal defense attorney at Wannamaker & Associates in Austin, Texas. “However, it’s entirely another kettle of fish when someone you have trusted with your personal information dumps it where anyone can find it, steal it and use it.”

Having said that, Wannamaker is in the business of defending people and even in instances such as this, anyone who has been charged with disposing of personal information improperly is entitled to a rigorous defense, a defense for which Wannamaker is noted.

The largest problem these days appears to be the types of businesses that collect information about you (doctor, dentist, banks, credit companies, etc.), aren’t that interested in shredding or properly disposing of the critical personal information of their clients. It is way too easy to just chuck personal records in the garbage dumpster and hope it gets hauled away to the dump and burned and/or buried.

Unfortunately, this is not likely to happen. There are people who specifically haunt dumpsters looking for this kind of information. What a goldmine of information to be had in one dumpster containing loan applications, dental records or patient’s medical charts. Many of these businesses loathe spending the extra money, or taking the time to ensure the necessary precautionary steps are taken to destroy old files.

“Texas has an enviable reputation as being really proactive in this area,” outlined Wannamaker. In fact, Texas law makes it mandatory that businesses take certain specific precautions before they get rid of any personal documents that may have information such as SS numbers, bank account numbers and driver’s license information. This law certainly provides many of those offices that handle this kind of information with sober second thoughts before they dispose of personal files.

If faced with a situation like this and suspect charges are about to be laid, immediately call Daniel Wannamaker of Wannamaker & Associates, Austin, Texas, and let him know the details. If anyone is able to help, it will be Wannamaker and his ability to get right to the heart of the defense immediately.

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