The Scope of Sex Crimes

Sex crimes strike fear into the hearts of anyone associated with them, those charged and the victims.

In the last decade, there has been a distinct shift in how many of these types of crimes are handled by the police and by the justice system. More and more there is a drive to get sexual predators off the streets. While a worthy goal, it has sometimes resulted in the wrong person getting tagged with a label they can’t lose, no matter what.

Despite the fact that a person may be charged with a sex crime, they are, by law, entitled to a defense. While this may outrage the average Joe and Josephine Citizen, it is there for a reason – to protect those that are actually innocent or inappropriately charged.

Consider what actually happens to someone pulling an innocent prank such as “mooning” someone; and then that person is caught and charged with a sex crime. A conviction means having to register as a sex offender. Once the person is a registered offender, virtually the whole world knows about it — so much for getting a job, keeping a job, or hoping to ever have a normal life once again.

While it’s a laudable thing that the FBI indicates there has been a 100% increase in pretrial diversions and convictions in sex crimes, the question becomes whether all the charges were correctly laid. Sex crime charges are serious, even if you think you weren’t doing anything that “horrible.”

Sex crime charges merit an immediate call to a criminal defense attorney, no matter how silly you may think the charges are; you can be sure the police don’t think they are funny. Only a highly qualified criminal defense attorney will be able to help you deal with the system and perhaps mitigate penalties or get charges reduced or thrown out.

Don’t wait to find out if being charged with a sex crime is someone’s idea of a joke. It is dynamite stuff and could include child exploitation and molestation, child pornography, indecent exposure, date rape, sexual battery, statutory rape, and solicitation of prostitution. While you may think some of these charges are inconsequential, it’s guaranteed that these days the penalties are getting stiffer. Call a criminal defense attorney for help and don’t give up until you speak to one and know precisely what you’re facing.

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