The Reality of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are far more common than one would think, and they are usually the result of personal injuries sustained in car crashes, bike accidents, motorcycle crashes, and slip, trip and falls.

No one knows these statistics better than Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida. Francis has handled many cases of spinal cord injuries during his years of practicing law and has an expert handle on what is required to assist his clients.

Usually the types of spinal cord injuries are separated into two different categories – incomplete and complete – depending on the type of injury and just how severe it happens to be. A complete injury usually means there is no function below the neurological level at the point of the injury. Thankfully, recent statistics imply that less than 5% of the people classified as having a complete trauma do recover some movement.

“An incomplete trauma normally means there is some retained sensation or movement,” explained Francis. Again recent stats show that close to 95% of those suffering incomplete traumas also are able to recover some locomotion.

“Spinal cord injuries should not be confused with broken backs or necks,” outlined Francis. Just because an injury involves one or both of these circumstances does not mean the person is paralyzed. “Paralysis only happens when there is damage to the spinal cord itself,” said Francis. Spinal cord damage happens when the nerves are implicated in the injury.

While these distinctions might not mean much to the injured party, who only knows they are in pain and facing a long road to recovery, Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm knows the differences affect damage awards for pain and suffering and rehabilitation. This is why it is wise to hire such an attorney to go to bat for damages for personal injuries like this. Francis has the ability to immediately understand the medical perspective of spinal cord injury cases and has been known to return some significant damage awards.

Spinal cord injury trauma is a serious medical emergency, and only immediate treatment may reduce any long-term effects. “This does not usually rule out rehabilitation therapy and various medications to assist in making a recovery,” stated Francis. Factors such as this go into making a good personal injury case.

If faced with this type of an injury, contact Tony Francis at the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida. Francis knows how to step up and make sure his clients get a just award for their suffering.

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