The Hidden Face of Domestic Violence

Many people consider domestic abuse as beatings, but in reality, the violence often takes on other insidious forms that leave invisible scars. No one knows this better than Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio, a man with extensive experience in this area of law.

Domestic violence has always been a serious issue, but nowadays it isn’t kept in the closet as much as it used to be. The problem is a great number people living with violence often think they are alone, when in reality they are not.

The usual definition of this form of violence is an action or actions against a family or household member that falls into the category of sexual assault, simple assault, stalking, trespassing, homicide, and several other felony crimes, including kidnapping and child abduction.

Something often overlooked or not given much credence is mental abuse, as it is difficult to prove. Part of the reason mental abuse is one of the least common forms of domestic violence is the “he said/she said” aspect of these types of cases. If you are facing a charge of domestic violence, consult with a qualified attorney such as Jeremiah Denslow, of Denslow Law, who will advise you of your rights and discuss what type of defense to mount.

These are not easy cases to defend depending on the exact nature of the charges filed. It is for this reason that any person charged first needs to know precisely what they are charged with, and then give all the details to Denslow in order to make a case. If there is any hint of a false report of domestic violence, then Denslow is the man to deal with the system to get things sorted out.

Sadly, false reports of domestic violence are on the rise due to the nature of the various external stressors people are facing today – rising costs, mortgage nightmares, loss of jobs, and an economic recession that takes its toll on people daily. With Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law, Dayton, Ohio, working on the case, the person charged will get a fair deal.

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