The Dire Consequences of Auto Accidents

Even back in the 1800s when automobiles were first seen in the U.S., there were car crashes. Today, of course, there are more of them and the consequences are far more drastic.

Cars these days have speeds far greater than any of their predecessors could ever have dreamed of achieving, which is good and bad. Good because travel time is reduced drastically; bad because the results of a crash at higher speeds are catastrophic, to say the least. “More and more we see whiplash injuries from car crashes,” said Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida.

Whiplash is the result of the impact (acceleration force) of the car and its passengers into another vehicle. In this type of injury, the head is essentially motionless until the neck gets stretched to its maximum extension. “The head whips forward along with the neck and upper back,” Francis pointed out. Even if the speeds involved in an accident are not that high, people may suffer serious neck, head and upper back injuries.

The medical explanation for this injury is that the muscles, discs and nerves, and bones and ligaments may be torn. What the doctor sees and feels after this type of trauma is muscles in severe spasm, inflammation, and ligaments that may have torn parts of the bone away. “Whiplash injuries are not a lot of fun and we strive to achieve a fair damage award for our clients in situations such as this,” indicated Francis.

The immediate damage isn’t always the problem; it’s usually the long-term difficulties associated with whiplash that affect how a court awards damages for pain and suffering. Pain and impaired nerve functions could follow a person for life as the result of a whiplash injury.

Consulting a highly qualified whiplash personal injury attorney such as Tony Francis of the Francis Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, will ensure personal service and a caring and compassionate handling of all aspects of client cases. Don’t assume because an insurance company says they will limit damages to a certain amount that this will be the case. This is where a good attorney will go to bat for you and ensure a just award.

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