The Big Rig Crashes Are Deadly

It isn’t rocket science to figure out that if a vehicle gets into a dust up with an 18-wheeler, there are going to be serious consequences, including death.

Despite more and more rules of the road enacted for the safety of all vehicles, accidents just keep on happening. The worst of those accidents involve the large rigs (big rigs, 18-wheelers) we all see daily on the highways as we travel to work. Any accidents involving them are serious and result in (for those that survive) significant medical bills, many trips to the hospital and often-permanent disabilities.

What will it take to stop the carnage on the roads, to bring the death statistics down, and to make the highways a safer place for everyone? “One of the things the industry needs to look at more closely is the causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers,” said Michael G. Smith, Trial Lawyer, Little Rock, Arkansas. “The causes would tell them where to concentrate their efforts to make a difference.”

There is more than one reason why a big rig gets into difficulties and winds up in an accident. In many cases it boils down to driver fatigue and falling asleep at the wheel. “Yes, industry regulations state they must keep a log book; however, I have seen many cases where two sets of log books are kept – the one for the record and the true account on time on the road,” explained Smith.

Sad, but true, are the other horror stories in the media about big rig drivers being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. There’s no getting around it, this is a factor in car crashes as well. “This is a distinctly human element that needs to be monitored, however ultimately no one else but the rig driver makes the decision to drive under the influence,” outlined Smith.

Maintenance issues are quite common with rigs this size simply due to the long, hard miles these vehicles put in each year and the weight of the loads they haul. It’s quite common to hear of mechanical failures, improperly strapped down cargo, brakes that suddenly gave out, and engine problems as being the cause for tragic crashes.

Driver error and driver inexperience are two other factors that often play a part in a deadly encounter on the road. If faced with the consequences of being in a big rig crash, immediately contact a highly experienced big rig lawyer such as Michael G. Smith of Little Rock, Arkansas. It’s a phone call that will make all the difference between no settlement and a just one, thanks to the years of litigation experience behind Smith.

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