Smoking the Wrong Thing

Smoking marijuana is still a crime, no matter what others say, think or feel. Getting caught with it, selling it, growing it or using it can net some nasty penalties. In situations like this, only a well-qualified criminal defense attorney such as Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law, Dayton, Ohio, will possibly be able to mitigate the charges or get the case dropped.

Denslow is an aggressive criminal attorney with an extensive track record to get cases back on the rails, even if a person is facing a first-degree misdemeanor or a first-degree felony. While this may sound inconsequential, it is not, and making that mistake can cost the person time in jail and a significant amount of money in fines.

The bottom line is, if a person is found guilty of being in possession of marijuana and does happen to be convicted, this is considered to be a criminal offense, which means a record. Criminal records haunt people for years to come, even if it was a small offense.

This is one of the major reasons to seek an experienced criminal attorney, to try and avoid getting a criminal record. Any criminal charge is serious and will impact on a person’s career and goals. Think twice, act responsibly and call Jeremiah Denslow when push comes to shove and a good criminal defense is required.

Unfortunately, many people do not realize it isn’t just the community service time that might make up the terms of the penalty for being convicted. For instance, if convicted of marijuana possession, the person will lose their license for up to 2 years. There’s more — the person convicted and handed a suspended driver’s license fine is not able to even get a restricted license for one year from the date they were suspended.

While many people think up-fronting money for a good criminal defense attorney is a lot to ask, these very same people may realize some significant benefits when that same attorney is able to get their charges reduced, dropped or save them from getting their license suspended. In Ohio, possession may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony with up to 8 years in prison being handed out and variable fines. For an Ohio criminal defense attorney who knows the system and is an expert in these kinds of cases, contact Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio.

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