Not Having Health Insurance is the Leading Cause of Bankruptcy

As the cost of health care increases, many people are turning to the internet. Using health insurance comparison services, many people and families are lowering costs.

During tough economic times, many individuals and families start looking at their monthly budget to determine where they can cut costs. Unfortunately, for families that do not have group health insurance through an employer, often times they look to their health insurance coverage as a way to free up a little income.

Medical related bills and expenses are responsible for as much as 75% of all United States bankruptcies. When families and individuals start lowering or removing heath insurance coverage, what they are actually doing is drastically increasing their chances of putting economic strain on their family or personal finances or even worse, going bankrupt., a leader in providing health insurance quotes, has been growing despite of tough economic conditions. The company’s goal is to reach out to individuals and families and let them know that they do have options and that they can lower their health insurance rates by finding affordable health insurance, without putting their financial stability at risk.

“When an individual or family is looking over their budget and seeing a large amount of it going to health insurance, it is easy for them to think ‘we are healthy, this is unnecessary’, however,” Benepath founder Clelland Green cautions, “if one of the family members gets something as common as the flu and has to spend the night in the emergency room, that could cost more than two years of health insurance premiums.”

Health insurance quote provider, Benepath, uses a unique quote comparison process which allows consumers to look at side-by-side coverage and price comparisons. Plus, if the health insurance shopper has any questions, they can easily get an answer from a local licensed health insurance agent.

By reviewing health insurance coverage options, families and individuals can possibly lower their health insurance rates without putting themselves unnecessarily at risk of bankruptcy.

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