Motorcycle Accident Claims Are Not Easy

Insurance companies have a tough time settling motorcycle insurance claims, largely because they take advantage of the misconception that it’s always the motorcyclist’s fault. The reality is that two-thirds of the time, it’s the vehicle driver’s fault. Yet there is a misconception that motorcyclists take unnecessary risks and are at fault for their own misfortune.

Unfortunately, motorcyclists take on an enormous risk when riding today. It’s no laughing matter that they face a much higher risk of fatality or severe injuries.

Motorbike riders have little protection when a vehicle, whose driver wasn’t paying attention, hits them. Yet the same driver tells police that the motorcycle came out of nowhere. That’s the time to call an experienced motorcycle attorney such as those at The Sharp Law Firm in Austin, Texas. They know how to ask the right questions and fight the insurance companies.

Once called, The Sharp Law Firm acts immediately to collect all the evidence including the police reports of the crash, photos of the scene of the accident and eyewitness statements. The Sharp Law Firm will also access the nature of the injuries and their value in today’s legal system.

A motorcycle accident is not an easy thing to face for the rider’s family. It is gut-wrenching and the process of recovery may be a long and painful one. A motorcyclist may be faced with a long list of medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of wages and extensive property damage. When involved in such an accident, call the experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at The Sharp Law Firm in Austin, Texas.

The Sharp Law Firm in Austin, Texas, has an outstanding record handling cases of this nature and litigates not only aggressively, but compassionately. The Sharp Law Firm also knows how to get a fair and just settlement from insurance companies that have denied your claims unjustly.

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