Houston Immigration Lawyer Applauds Obama Choice of Obama Labor Pick

Annie Banerjee is extremely optimistic about President-elect Barack Obama’s choice of Congresswoman Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor.

Houston-area immigration lawyer, Annie Banerjee, is optimistic concerning Barack Obama’s recent selection of Hilda Solis as incoming Secretary of Labor. “Hilda Solis is the kind of advocate for working class people that has been missing at the Department of Labor for a very long time,” asserts Ms. Banerjee. “With her at the helm of the agency, working class families will finally have a fighting chance.”

Congresswoman Solis’s career in California has been praiseworthy in this regard. She was one of the first politicians to advocate good-paying “green” jobs that can’t be outsourced. She was instrumental in raising the California minimum wage and expanding access to affordable health care. She involved herself in issues of worker’s rights – from the right to organize to collective bargaining. She came out strongly for making workplaces safer – especially for immigrant workers. She wants to re-strengthen American labor unions.

“Standing up for our workers means putting them back to work,” Ms. Banerjee says, “Only with less unemployment can even modest economic gains be fueled.” President-elect Obama drew comparisons with the Administration of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, more than half-a-century ago. “Our economy boomed in the 20th Century when President Eisenhower remade the American landscape by building the interstate highway system. Now we need to remake our transportation system for the 21st Century.”

“The obvious implication is to hire tens of thousands of workers, including immigrants, to accomplish that,” Ms. Banerjee asserts, “It could, in a way, resemble the fabled New Deal of the 1930s, although perhaps on a less grand scale.”

During the December 19th 2008 press conference when Congresswoman Solis was announced as part of the incoming President’s Cabinet, President-elect Obama referred to “jobs and wages” as the yardsticks to measure the strength of an invigorated economy. “I know we will be headed in the right direction again when we are creating jobs, instead of losing them; and when Americans are gaining ground in terms of their income, instead of treading water or falling behind,” President-elect Obama said.

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