Family Law in Chicago

The break-up of a marriage is hard on everyone, but more so on the children. When a marriage is over, one of the issues needing to be addressed is usually child support.

In this day and age the very idea of raising a child alone is enough to make anyone have serious worries; it is expensive and if you’re doing it by yourself, it becomes even more daunting. If you know you will need child support, make it a point to hire a highly qualified family law attorney, as you want the outcome of your support application to be one you are able to live with.

The support hearing is usually to decide what amount the non-custodial parent will pay every month to care for the children. This is not the easiest thing to do given the nature of the adversarial role — adopted by both parents — that often creeps into these hearings.

If you will be receiving these monthly payments, you need to make sure they are enough to meet the needs of raising your children. While this may seem like an impossible task, sitting down with a knowledgeable family law attorney will help you figure out what the actual costs are. You will also discuss how the costs will be presented to the court and your lawyer will go to bat for you to ensure the decision is fair, under the circumstances.

If you happen to be on the other side of the fence and are the person that will be paying child support, you don’t want it to totally wipe you out every month. A family law attorney will be able to tell the court your circumstances and expenses and indicate how much you are able to realistically offer each month.

None of the above scenarios are set in stone, even after the court has rendered a decision. Life gets in the way and things change, people move, get fired, change jobs and even remarry. This just means that you contact the family law attorney and ask to have the original order modified.

In instances like the break-up of a marriage, the welfare of the children should come first, and this is why you want the assistance of a competent and top-notch family law attorney. Never try to do something like negotiate support payments on your own.

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