Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes Inexcusable

When people think of the term abuse, what most often comes to mind is physical abuse. While this is indeed a component of abuse, there are other even more insidious forms prevalent in nursing homes.

One major form of abuse that is hard to detect is psychological or mental abuse. It’s silent, only leaves mental scars and is often the result of emotional abuse that no one sees, least of all the relatives.

“Many seniors in homes, even if they are being subjected to abuse, don’t report it for fear of it getting even worse,” said Michael G. Smith, Trial Lawyer, Little Rock, Arkansas. This, of course, is abominable as seniors do not deserve treatment like this for any reason; they are entitled to respect, dignity and proper care. While this is the ideal for nursing home residents, in many cases it in not practiced in reality.

“Emotional abuse is any act that causes emotional distress, anguish, panic, anxiety, suffering or psychological disturbances in a resident of a nursing home,” explained Smith. Instances such as this are largely the result of staff members who verbally and emotionally abuse the residents. “Such behavior may include, but is not limited to intimidation, degradation, withholding pain medications or other treatments, threats and manipulation,” stated Smith.

Other methods of emotional abuse may include restricting activities for the resident for no good reason and isolating the senior against their wishes. While family members may be able to spot physical abuse, mental and emotional abuse is far more difficult to detect. However, there are some signals that may tip the family off that there is something wrong.

Signs may include anxiety, confusion, depression, an unwillingness to talk about activities in the nursing home, constant agitation, mood swings and insomnia. Other signposts could include a sudden change in behavior or unusual behaviors like rocking or biting.

If a loved one in a nursing home is showing any changes in behavior or physical signs of something being drastically wrong, it is the time to contact an expert attorney who handles nursing home abuse cases. Michael G. Smith, Trial Lawyer of Little Rock, Arkansas, has the kind of experience to set right the wrongs of nursing home abuse.

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