Certified Immigration Lawyers – The Inside Scoop

A Green Card attorney is the first thing you will need if you are planning on hiring foreign nationals for your business. This area of the law is far too complex to tackle on your own.

Ideally, what you should seek in an attorney is someone who is highly specialized in immigration law, has a solid grasp of the latest changes and revisions, and knows the law inside out in the area your company needs help.

Before you hire the services of a top notch immigration lawyer, do some research on the type of employee needed for your organization; then try to determine which type of Green Card or Visa may be required to accomplish your goals. Don’t worry if you don’t figure it out, that is what your attorney is for.

Specific areas in which you may need Green Card expertise are the H-1B Visa; the L-1 Visa; PERM or PERM Labor Certificate; B-1 Business Visa; E-1, 2, or 3 Visas; P and O Visas; O-1 Visa; or the R-1 Visa. If you’re confused now it will get even more convoluted if you are planning to hire a foreign national through an H-1B Visa. Smart employers will look specifically for an immigration lawyer specializing in this area. This saves a lot of time and monumental hassle.

Just because a lawyer offers immigration services doesn’t mean s/he necessarily meets the legal requirements for practicing that type of law in your state. For example, in North Carolina, California, Texas, and in the state of Florida, you’ll find programs that specifically recognize immigration law as a certified legal specialty.

Most attorneys who practice in these states have a battery of exams and courses to tackle to become certified in immigration law. Make no mistake about it, these individuals know their stuff and are necessary in assisting you with your hiring requirements.

While hiring an immigration lawyer may seem too expensive, the alternative may wind up being running afoul of the U.S. immigration laws. Why take the chance when consulting with an attorney may save you time, money, and hundreds of hours of grief dealing with a myriad of red tape?

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