Traffic Accidents Are Personal Injuries

The most dramatic definition of a personal injury comes in the form of a traffic accident that causes major injuries. There are thousands of these personal injury lawsuits dealt with yearly in U.S. courts.

There are a variety of ways an injured driver may try to collect damages for an accident, not the least of which is filing suit against a car maker (if mechanical faults were the reason for the crash) or file suit against the party the driver thinks is responsible for the accident.

Thinking someone is responsible for an accident and proving that are two different things, and it is crucial you have an experienced auto accident attorney to handle your case. It’s one thing to be able to say you represent injured drivers, but another thing to actually lay claim to being fully qualified and certified to handle civil trial law in Florida.

This area of the law is exceedingly complex and not all of the attorneys in Florida have the vast grasp of the entire litigation process required for auto accidents. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a lawyer who is not intimately familiar with the court process to ensure justice is handed out to injured drivers.

While you may think that the only thing to be concerned about in a car crash is the personal injuries, there is also the issue of property damage claims. The other corollary issues your lawyer deals with are eyewitness accounts of the accident, police reports, accident reconstruction reports, pictures and insurance and medical details.

Insured motorists usually have the benefit of their insurance company picking up the tab for a car accident. However, there are many issues that tend to fall through the cracks. It’s generally accepted that the question of personal injury and property damages raises its head at some point during this process.

Since it’s virtually inevitable that you will land in court if you have been in an auto accident, make sure you get to court with a competent auto accident attorney. Your attorney won’t just slap together a case that might fly. S/he will spend the time considering all the possible alternatives to find the best solution for you.

Things to consider for settlement in court may be a claim for loss of income due to the accident, rehab costs, medical bills, disability claims and medical diagnosis/prognosis for the future.

While you may think hiring a lawyer to represent you in court after your auto crash is expensive, it would cost you even more if you did not have a lawyer on your side. Most auto accident attorneys operate on a contingency basis, meaning if they do not win your case, you do not pay for their services. This state of affairs tends to give you sharper and more driven legal representation.

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