The Ohio Point System for Driving

Yes, there is a point system for traffic infractions in Ohio and it would be in your own best interest to be aware of what it is.

Driving in any state carries significant responsibilities with it, not the least of which is operating a vehicle in a responsible manner. Sure, there will likely be an accident or two, now and then, and perhaps even a citation for speeding, etc.

Knowing what the point system is may give you some insight into how serious some of the driving infractions actually may be. For instance, a six-point violation would be the result of a vehicular homicide; driving while under the influence; fleeing from a police officer; failing to remain at the scene of an accident or not leave necessary information; driving with a suspended or revoked license; racing on public roads; and committing a felony with your vehicle.

A four-point strike against your license would be the result of driving with wanton disregard for pedestrian safety, the safety of other drivers or property, and driving under the influence as a minor.

A two-pointer black mark on your record involves most moving violations with the exception of things relating to load limits and driving a vehicle in spite of a restriction.

There are some violations that have a sliding point system attached to them. For instance, speeding infractions may range from zero to four point strikes depending on how many mph you are driving over the posted speed limit. You should know that any points you rack up stay on your license for two years.

There are a few instances where you will not get points assessed against you and your faux pax will not show up on your driving record. These are usually cases involving non-moving violations e.g. forgetting to renew your registration on time.

If you happen to chalk up six points on your license, you get a letter from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, which really amounts to a warning about what will happen if you hit 12-points in two years. The penalties usually involve a mandatory six month suspension and retaking the written and hands-on driving exams. If you want to zap off two points, take a remedial driving course.

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