The Day After the Auto Crash

The day after the car crash is usually when you realize you have suffered some major personal and property injuries. The question arises: Just what do you do about it?

If you don’t realize how badly you are hurt the day of the accident, then the day after will bring with it revelations that you hurt much more than you originally realized. The car, well, it may be a total write-off. Now what are you supposed to do?

A car crash is more than inconvenient, it is costly, and in most instances the problems are just starting when the accident dust settles. It’s even more disconcerting if any damage settlements don’t cover the real costs.

Think about this. Just because you got your car fixed doesn’t mean it is done properly. That means you lose reliable transport. You may have also suffered some serious injuries and need some heavy-duty medical treatment. Put these two things together and you get time off work and the inability to carry on with life’s daily activities.

It’s a reality that the actual costs of the accident are much higher than the face value of the damages. This is one of the major reasons why you never settle for what an insurance company first offers you. Speak to a competent personal injury lawyer first because there are a lot of cases where the insurance company settlement doesn’t even touch the real costs of your accident.

This advice is applicable even with minor car accidents. While it may be that you only need money to repair a fender bender, you aren’t considering that even seemingly innocuous accidents cause injuries (whiplash type injuries, etc.) and stress and shock.

When in a situation like this, despite it looking relatively easy to resolve, always consult with a lawyer. A good attorney with much experience will point out some of the anticipated future costs you might not even think were possible.

Don’t assume that lawyers are expensive and skip the legal consultation, as it might wind up costing you more not to get advice than it would to ask for it in the first place. Actually, most Texas lawyers will offer free consultations with no obligation. Just tell them the details of your situation, and they’ll tell you if you have a good case or not. It’s time well spent.

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