It Isn’t Just a Slip and Fall

Slipping and falling isn’t just that – a slip and fall – it is also classified as a personal injury, particularly if you have sustained some type of cut, bruise, fracture, concussion or sprain, or strain injury.

The range of personal injuries that can happen to you when you slip and fall is fairly broad and will vary from a serious concussion (that may cause traumatic brain injury) to a seriously bruised backside (and pride). However, no matter what type of personal injury you sustain, it isn’t a laughing matter.

Personal injuries, in fact, are injuries in which you may be able to sue another person for their negligence in causing the accident that injured you. Keep in mind it’s not just the injuries that you may sue for, but also the suffering and mental stress. Look at it this way – serious bruises, fractured ribs, head injuries, spinal cord injuries or bone fractures may take years to heal. This isn’t something that will heal overnight.

Slip and fall injuries may also mean a person (if seriously hurt) may be unable to report to work, may lose wages, have medical bills piling up, and isn’t able to support their family. This amounts to a significant loss in the usual way of life for the injured person and they are entitled to some compensation for these losses if the slip and fall was the result of another’s negligence.

Add it up – mental stress, severe injuries, depression, no money, no ability to interact with the family or other loved ones, and the possibility of a long-term recovery. This is not encouraging news for the victim who slipped and fell. It’s no wonder that many victims seek to file a slip and fall personal injury lawsuit.

A personal injury lawsuit has the ability to recover damages for an injured party so long as this is done with the help of a fully qualified and highly experienced personal injury attorney. They know how to claim for medical expenses, physical injuries, and a compromised lifestyle. They know how to lay a case out for the courts to award damages based on the circumstances of your particular case.

The process is not really all that simple, as the legal guidelines are complex and if one rule is missed, the whole deck of cards could come tumbling down. This is why a good attorney will go over your case with you time and time again, to ensure they have all the necessary details to meet the legal requirements to launch a personal injury lawsuit.

When in doubt that your slip and fall case with personal injuries has merit, consult with a competent attorney who will assess your case for free. Once they have an idea of what is involved, they are able to tell you if you have a solid case or not.

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