EAD Card Delays Are Not an Impossible Dilemma

When the EAD card issuance takes longer than the prescribed 90 days, there are steps you can follow.

Filing your Adjustment of Status Application (I-485) had been accomplished during the late summer (July-August 2007) rush. Now you must renew your EAD card. It has been 90 days since you filed the I-765. (You can file this form 90 days before it expires.) But the CIS is silent as a tomb. You hear no word from them, just pulses and pulses of unnerving, unmitigated silence. What can you do?

By law, the USCIS is supposed to provide the EAD card by 90 days. But all you have is, in the words of philosopher Michael Novak, “the experience of nothingness” to hold in your hand.

Suddenly the voice of the CIS ombudsman shatters the silence with timely advice to activate your now invigorated imagination. He booms like a loud speaker into your psyche the following useful instructions:

Call CIS at 1-800-375-5283 and speak to an officer. Don’t leave a message. Speak. If you fail in reaching an officer, hang up and try again. Once you have a CIS officer enthralled by your own assertive voice on the other end of the line, tell him or her that it’s been 90 days and you need an interim card. You should also keep records of the date and time of your call and the officer’s number, for documentation and future reference in case it is needed.

If you don’t wish to call, you can make an infopass appointment and go to your local CIS office. This journey can be as pleasurable as you decide to make it. You can travel on foot, in a bus or truck, or by a car ride, depending on the distance you happen to be from the nearest CIS office. Be it be known, however, that CIS offices no longer issue interim EAD cards. If you visit such an office in person, they will listen to your story, told in to-the-point careful detail and rendered with your pleasant and polite demeanor, and will inform the nearest CIS Service Center.

A week more has passed and still you do not hold that precious EAD card in your hand. No one has called you back. The silence has returned. What can you do now?

You can write the CIS ombudsman with all the details at cisombudsman.publicaffairs@dhs.gov.

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