Child Abuse Law in Texas

No one wants to hear or think about child abuse. Unfortunately, it is very much alive, but hidden in the least likely places.

If you’re faced with charges of child abuse, then you will need to know several things so you have an understanding of what will happen in the criminal justice system. At this point, don’t wait another minute to contact a criminal defense attorney for assistance.

Child abuse is a flashpoint issue for many people and this area of the law is extremely complicated. Only a highly qualified attorney with extensive expertise in this area will be able to outline what will happen once an arrest has been made, and able to communicate the information so you may make informed decisions.

Child abuse in Texas has several working definitions – the sexual mistreatment, psychological or physical abuse of any child no matter what the circumstances may be. Ask your attorney what specific charges you are facing, as this will make a difference in the type of defense your attorney will be building for you.

Physical abuse usually means neglect, beating or hitting a child. However, it’s not just these categories you may be charged with, as physical abuse also covers abuse using chemicals, ice, fire, or any other object (aside from hands and feet) that harms a child.

Psychological abuse is the most common type of child abuse. It’s defined as any type of behavior that causes emotional or psychological harm. This covers things like verbal humiliation, name calling, demeaning, and yelling. While the most common form of abuse, it is also the most difficult to prove because it can’t be seen and leaves invisible scars.

Sexual abuse refers to any sexual act forced upon a child by an adult (or older teenager). Offenders may be charged with anything from exposing themselves to using the child to make kiddy porn films. The penalties in this area are a lot higher.

If you are faced with any of the above charges, make certain you speak with legal counsel immediately to find out how you have been charged and what the potential penalties may be. If your lawyer knows as much as possible, he may be able to mitigate the charges and penalties.

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