The Points of Driving – DUI and Tickets

Knowing what the point system is for driving infractions in Ohio is a smart thing. Knowing enough to contact a highly qualified traffic violation lawyer when faced with a traffic ticket is even smarter.

The number of points handed out for various traffic violations does tend to vary in Ohio depending on how serious the infraction happens to be. A six-point violation would result from vehicular homicide, DWI, evading the police, failing to remain at the scene of an accident or provide information, driving with a suspended license, driving with a revoked license, racing on public roadways and committing a felony with a vehicle.

Four points are handed out if a driver is tagged for driving with wanton disregard for the safety of pedestrians, the safety of other drivers or property, and driving under the influence as a minor. Granted there are not many cases of driving under the influence while a minor; however, it has happened or it would not be on the books.

A two-point black mark involves most moving violations (most of the common ones) with the exception of those related to load limits and driving in spite of a restriction issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Speeding violations have a sliding point system attached to them. The number of points added to a driver’s record may range from zero to four depending on how fast a person is going over the posted speed limit. Points stay on a driver’s license for two years.

When a person receives a letter in the mail from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles informing them of points applied against their driving record, it is time to consult with a skilled traffic violation lawyer such as Jeremiah Denslow of Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio. Denslow knows the system intimately and may be able to mitigate the damage these types of infractions will cause to a person’s driving record and insurance costs.

Tickets are not handled by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, but instead are in the jurisdiction of the county courts. Payment of fines or questions about fines is usually directed to the applicable court.

If faced with fines and a driver feels there are issues that should be considered in regard to a traffic infraction, contact a competent attorney to examine the circumstances of the case. Be aware that several minor violations will have a damaging effect on insurance premiums and may result in the carrier dropping the insured.

Do not waste time trying to go to traffic court alone and unrepresented. Contact a reputable traffic violation lawyer such as Denslow Law in Dayton, Ohio, to present a winning case to the courts.

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