An End to Cell Phone Yakkers

Finally, there is a way to totally disable a cell phone to stop people from talking, texting and messaging while driving.

While people may think this infringes on their rights and freedoms, the sad fact is that out of the 42 thousand road deaths a year, a good 7% of those are attributed to people talking on cell phones while driving.

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People might not like having this luxury taken away from them, but it certainly isn’t a necessity to talk on the phone while in a moving car. Remember no one had cell phones at one point in time and people got along just fine without them. While they have changed the way America does business, they have also caused a lot of unnecessary grief.

The device, called the DriveAssistT from Aegis Mobile of Canada, has a little sensor in it that detects when the cell phone is moving at the speed of a vehicle. This motion totally shuts off the phone and disables it from taking calls, texting or messaging. In other words no calls in and no calls out.

The sensor in the phone sends a signal to the cell phone provider that will cause all activity to that cell phone to cease. Callers hear a recording that says the person is driving. There is the option to send an emergency voice mail that is sent immediately.

While the Sharp Firm in Austin, Texas, recognizes the need for choice in sending messages; it does strongly recommend that the emergency voice message be used “only” for true emergencies.

While the DriveAssistT is a great idea, it says something about people that technology had to go this far to create something to stop what common sense should taken care of in the first place. Unfortunately, a great number of people do not seem to recognize the dangers of driving while yakking and have paid for that error in judgment with their lives.

The DriveAssistT should be out in 2009 and will likely be rented for between $10 – 20 a month by a cell phone provider. It will be optional for people to use this and that might mean it won’t sell well. It will, however, provide the compulsive person who always answers the phone in heavy traffic with a way to prevent calls from coming in while on the road.

The largest segment of the population to likely use this gadget will be parents with younger adults who will be able to shut down cell phones while their teens are at the wheel. Their teen will squawk about it, but it may save their life one day.

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